Grammar, Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal Reasoning 

£150 Per Month 
6-8 Sessions 

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Our membership is simple and great value. the childcare element of Working Tax Credits, Universal Credit and the Childcare Grant for full-time students could enable you to save on your monthly membership*. We also offer a fantastic scholarship scheme which gives a 40% discount to parents receiving Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance. This means anyone can access our award-winning service because delivering the best standard of education shouldn’t cost the earth. Our members can also take advantage of our ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme, which can reduce their monthly membership to as little as £25 a month – simply by introducing other families to Vibrant Learners.



*Working Tax Credit = up to 70% OFF. 

*Childcare grant = up to 80% OFF.

*Universal Credit = up to 85% OFF.

Vibrant Learners has specialist courses for 11+ exam preparations. We run every Saturday morning, Reading for children in year 3 to year 6. We believe that each child requires specific attention, with our small groups we can cater to each child’s needs.

Our tutors use material that has been tailored to focus on the exam board of the school; the following subjects’ areas are covered in our sessions


  •  Verbal Reasoning

  •  Non-Verbal Reasoning

  •  Maths

  •  English

  •  Comprehension

  •  Problem Solving


The key to success is a strong foundation in core Mathematics and English skills. Our Mathematics and English curriculum are completely adaptable allowing us to create a programme that meets your child’s individual needs. It’s all about identifying your child’s current level, stretching and challenging from that point.


We assess children regularly and provide you with detailed feedback so that you are always aware of your child’s progress. The material is completely individualized, there’s no need to wait for others to catch up. It’s all the benefits of individual tuition and group tutoring combined.


We prepare students for the 11+ exam in London and surrounding areas.


Introduction to 11+

Essential 11+ English/Maths skills: each week we will do one English and one maths worksheet. Working through the worksheets with your child and over the years your child will build up all the core skills they need to master before the test.


Verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions: Follow the programme and

each one focusing on different logic and reasoning skills that could be included in your next test.


Reading comprehension worksheets: Designed for your child to quickly identify and understand the different passages of text.


Cloze test worksheet: an increasingly accurate and valuable form of testing. we will help your child prepare and provide exercise to test growing skills. these worksheets are the ideal places to practice and gain the speed necessary to score high in the area. 


English Exam preparation, grammar, comprehension, practice paper, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning


Maths Exam preparation, numbers, fraction and decimals, handling data, shapes and space, 3D shapes, measurement, equation, and algebra

This package gives you 8 hours of tailored teaching in English and Maths. we advise children to attend a minimum of at least 6 sessions every month to achieve the best results. All our children at Vibrant Leaners see visible progress within 3 months of attending their sessions.


A study conducted in 2018 concluded that 97% of our children grew at least one level above their target grade. We're extremely proud of our results and this motivates us to continue working hard to provide the best educations for our members.  


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