Please note we reserve the right to change fees and to cancel courses in response to funding changes and learner numbers. We regret that if a course does not reach its minimum number we will close the course but we will refund your fees.

Government backed learner loans are available for learners aged over 19 on 31 August 2019 studying full courses at Level 3 and above. These include the Foundation Diploma course and some of the professional qualifications. Ask our Learner Services team for more information and how to apply. The loans are not means tested.

The College is committed to enabling access to education for all learners. Our fee structure, course pricing and financial support package all underpin this commitment, whilst limiting the costs associated with additional bureaucracy.

The College’s fee structure is split into the following three main categories and throughout the course guide and online you will see the course fee for each category alongside the course information:

Course Fee

This is the standard fee for each course.

Payment of fees

All course fees must be paid at the time of enrolment to secure your place on the course, or you must agree to pay in instalments by direct debit. You may be eligible for financial support; please ask a member of the Learner Services team for further information.

Payment by Instalments

If your course fees are over £250, you may spread your payments over 6 months. There is no interest or arrangement fee but payment must be by direct debit from a UK bank account. If you fail to meet a direct debit payment when it falls due and is claimed by the College, then the full outstanding balance of your fees will fall due for immediate payment. Non-payment of this balance may result in your exclusion from the course and the College.

Financial Support for Learners

Application forms can be obtained from reception and should be completed in full and presented when enrolling along with any evidence required.

The 16 to 19 Bursary Fund

If you are under 19 years old on 31 August 2019, you may be eligible for support from the 16-19 Bursary Fund.

The aim of the fund is to help cover some of the financial costs of attending College, such as transport, food, equipment and other course related costs.

There are two types of 16 to 19 bursaries:

  • a vulnerable learner bursary of up to £1,200 a year for young people in one of the defined groups

  • discretionary bursaries which the College will award to meet individual needs, for example, help with the cost of transport, meals, books or equipment

Learners who want to apply for support from the bursary fund should contact a member of the Learner Services team.

Fee Refunds

The College will endeavour to deliver all the courses advertised in the course guide and to avoid cancellations. However, if the College does find it necessary to cancel or close a course for any reason, then all fees paid by learners on that course will be refunded in full.

If you choose to withdraw from a course on which you have enrolled, two weeks or more before the date of the first scheduled class, then any fees paid by you will be refunded, subject to deduction of a £15 administration fee.

If you choose to withdraw from a course on which you have enrolled less than two weeks before the date of the first scheduled class, then you will be able to claim a refund of 50% of the fees paid or due for the course, subject to a minimum retention by the College of £15.

If you choose to withdraw from a course on or after the date of the first class then no refund will be made under any circumstances and you will also remain liable for all fees assessed but not yet paid. It is a condition of your enrolment that you agree to this refund policy and your signature on your learning agreement is evidence of such agreement.

Collection of unpaid fees

The College reserves the right to refer unpaid fees to a debt collection service for follow up and/or to record the non-payment with credit reference agencies. The College or the debt collection service may also pursue unpaid fees through the courts.