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Holiday Club

Schools out, Summers in

Roll up and get ready for Summer 2019 with Vibrant Learners! After a brilliant turn out last year, our Summer Holiday Club is back again with four wonderful themes that are sure to brighten up the summer! Join us to see the sensations of the sea world during our ‘underwater week’, take a trip to the solar system in ‘Space week’, walk on the wild side with ‘Nature week’ and get lost in paradise in our ‘Beach week’.

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Underwater Week - 5th, 6th, 7th

Space week -12th, 13th, 14th

Nature week -19th, 20th, 21st

Beach week -27th and 28th

Opening hours - 10am – 2pm

Age Range – 4 - 13years


Vibrant Learners

328 Burdett Road 


E14 7DL 

Holiday Club

This club runs from 10 am - 2 pm. Ensure you call Vibrant Learners if you are running late to collect your child. Please be aware that any lateness passed the advertised closing time will be chargeable at £2 per 10 minutes. This is to cover staff and other costs. 

You must provide packed lunch, snacks and drinking water for your child. please ensure snacks are healthy. (no fizzy drinks/sweets allowed)

Our Objectives 

At Vibrant Learners, we welcome all children and ensure we provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for our children that attend our clubs. 


We achieve this by:

  • Having dedicated staff who ensure the needs of all children attending Holiday Club are met.

  • Our staff at Vibrant Learners act as role models and interact with the children to help them develop mentally, physically and creatively. 

  • Ensuring parents are aware and all questions are answered through consultation.

  • Ensuring that Holiday Club strives to meet the best practice benchmarks through staff training and continuous professional development.

  • We review our policies and procedure annually to ensure they are kept up to date. 

  • Recruiting staff under the safe recruitment practices and ensuring they are qualified and have CRB/DBS checks.


Before your child can attend at Vibrant Learners Club the parent carer must have compleated their application form with and child details. if your child has specific medical or dietary needs we ask for as many details to be added in to ensure we can provide the right care. if their needs are more complex we may ask for a medical report and put a care plan into place. 


If you require a member of staff to assist your child in taking prescribed medication, you must complete the relevant form and inform the manager on site. we ask that you keep your child's details up-to-date by noting the regular medications, allergies or medical conditions accurately on the medical form. we also require that all medication is clearly labelled with the child's name and the expiry date. Please ensure you bring the correct medical equipment or your child may not be able to attend. 


Packed lunch, snacks, and drinks are required. please label all clothing and items being brought in to Vibrant Learners. suitable clothing for indoor and outdoor clothing is required: sun hats & sun cream during warmer days and jumpers and raincoats during colder days. we suggest packing spare clothes      


At Vibrant Learners, we believe play is an essential aspect of a child's development. In our clubs, children will get the opportunity to make new friends and interact with children of different ages, encouraging social development. staff at holiday club provide a child led environment, allowing children to make choices within the activities we provide. all our activities are supervised from team games, arts and crafts sessions and organised indoor/outdoor activities. we also incorporate celebrations, festivals to develop an understanding of the world. children are encouraged to come out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves. we offer a range of activities to keep children stimulated and engaged throughout the holidays, we also understand that all activities may not suit all children so using their own initiative is always encouraged. Vibrant Learners provide plenty of breaks for children to drink and eat their snacks ensuring children are full of energy throughout the day. 


The safety and welfare of our children at Vibrant Learners are paramount. Our centre is risk assessed every day by staff who are trained to identify any hazards. 


Our staff can be identified by their staff badges that is carried on them at all times in the centre. staff will conduct regular headcounts and be aware of each child's location. 


When your child is collected at the end of the session you will be greeted by a staff member who will identify you from the list of collectors you have provided during admission. any collectors do not know to staff will be asked to provide photo id. please note any person that arrives that is not known to staff will not be able to collect the child until Vibrant Learners can contact the parents/guardian. this is t ensure that we only let children leave with an approved person.

Daily Routine

When children first arrive they are welcomed by a staff member and will outline the clubs rules and routines. Club staff will organise icebreaker games to settle in the new children. each child will be given an opportunity to fill in a 'this is me' form to help staff and children get to know each other. Each child will receive a coloured sticker to show which member of staff is responsible for making sure they are safe, engaged and happy throughout the day.


All our staff receive appropriate training, such as safeguarding, prevent, paediatric first aid, and specific Vibrant Learners training. All Vibrant Learners staff work to current and appropriate job descriptions and have been appointed ensuring they have all the relevant qualifications. Following a rigorous interview process, all that qualify will undergo an enhanced DBS (discloser and barring service) check.  


First Aid

We encourage all our staff to gain a Paediatric First Aid Certificate and at a minimum, there will always be a member of staff present who has undertaken appropriate first aid training including EpiPen use. there is a well stocked first aid box available to all staff. 


In addition, all staff have received appropriate training on how to deal with and record accident and emergencies. if your child has had an accident whilst at Vibrant Learners it will be recorded on an injury Report form and you will be asked to sign the form as the child's parent/guardian.