What is the scholarship scheme?

We offer a fantastic scholarship scheme which gives a 40% discount to parents receiving Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance.

Because of its popularity, spaces are limited on the scholarship scheme and there may be a waiting list. Chat to the team at Vibrant Learners for more information about availability.

How does it work?

If Vibrant Learners has space, we will ask you to bring proof of eligibility to your free assessment session. For families receiving Job Seekers Allowance or Income Support, this could be either a letter from your local Job Centre or a bank statement.

Once you become a member on our scholarship scheme, we will ask you to show ongoing proof at regular intervals. If you start working, you may find that the Working Tax Credit/Universal Credit Childcare Allowance is more suitable support for you.

Got questions? Get in touch with Vibrant Learners today and the team will be happy to help!

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